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Weli Travel has been providing a wide variety of Hajj and Umrah travel packages to guests like you. We have built a reputation as one of the best travel agencies in our industry thus making us the leading Hajj and Umrah travel agency in Uganda. We also help our clients in Umrah Visa and other travel solutions packages, so that you can have the best experience

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We are proud of the countless positive testimonials we have received from our guests. We welcome you to explore our website to see what package fits your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Travelers

AbbulRahman Mawejje


Weli treavel took me for Umrah in March 2018… It was indeed massive and a spiritual journey…Rush today for own experience


Mubiru Van Mahad Sadat


I travel with Weli Travel Alhamudulilah


Oma Moha Sseru


Indeed a life changing Journey.

Let them lead you even you close your eyes,no worries. 100% safe


Adam Kagimu


خدمات عالية الجودة!!!!!!
أنا أوصي بشدة
للناس أن يثقوا بهم لخدمات الحج والعمرة

High quality services!!!!!!
I highly recommend
For people to trust them for Hajj and colony services


Aisha Early


I and my husband had a good experience with weli travel.We got what we paid for mashaallah.I can now understand why there was a resounding positive sentiment amongst there clients.Kudos to All Weli Team.


Sekinalya Hussein


No service matches Weli Travel
You get value for money
Customer service and experience is the best


AbdulRahman Mawejje


Weli travel took me for Umra in March 2018…It was indeed massive and a spiritual journey…. Rush today for own experience


Kisekka Umar


.may Allah grant you all Jannatul firdaus ماشاء الله

Mạsẖạʾ Ạllh May Allah grant you all jannatul firdaus.


Yasir Ahmed


“Weli Travel took me to Hajj last year. I definitely got more value than I paid for. For the price I paid I expected to stay in two star hotels and to my surprise In Mecca we stayed at Swisshotel which is a five star hotel. Weli Travel charges were very competitive and reasonable. But what struck me the most is how the organizers truly cared for the pilgrims especially the old and sick!


AbdulRahman Mawejje


“Weli travel took me for Umra in March 2018…It was indeed massive and a spiritual journey…. Rush today for own experience”


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Description of hajj

Assuming the state of ihram from Miqat. It is legislated for whoever wants to perform hajj or Umra to perform ghusl, remove the unwanted hairs from his armpits and private parts, trim his nails, apply perfume and then proceed to the Miqat.

If it is time of prayer when he arrives he should pray , or, if not, then he may pray two rak’ahs if it is possible, then he assumes the state of Ihram. As for the menstruating woman, or the one who is undergoing postpartum bleeding, then

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