Weli Travel has been providing a wide variety of Hajj and Umrah travel packages to guests like you. We have built a reputation as one of the best travel agencies in our industry thus making us the leading Hajj and Umrah travel agency in Uganda. We also help our clients in Umrah Visa and other travel solutions packages, so that you can have the best experience.

An array of services done by Weli Travel:

  1. Hajj and Umrah
  2. Visa processing
  3. Ticketing
  4. Car renting
  5. Hotel bookings
  6. Accommodation


We are proud of the countless positive testimonials we have received from our guests. We welcome you to explore our website to see what package fits your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you!


We guarantee optimum observation, fulfilment and satisfaction of our clientele during the sacred call.


To simplify the pilgrimage setting for the development of Belief in the souls of our clientele at attractive tariffs.

Future plans

  • We are looking at offering visa to Islamic historical places in Spain, Turkey, Portugal and Egypt etc. Also we shall enable our clients to attain better healthcare through accomplishing Medical Visas to India.

  • We are looking forward to bringing access to international visas for our customers in order to satisfy their travel objectives.

  • We have an advanced plan of native tours.

Unique selling proposition

Tailor-made expeditions

We are flexible and compliant to our clientele given the tailored made expeditions that exceed the customer’s pleasure. Pay a visit to the sacred places thrice a year and do not wait!

Unrivaled Value

Our tariffs are competitive and are customized to ensure that our clients obtain a budget that is pocket friendly. We offer different grades of accommodation ranging from 2 star to 5 star hotels.


Staff at Weli Travel are trustworthy, honest and authentic due to the importance of our clientele. This is evidenced by the high level of personal attention when planning your expedition which proves that our customer is the Boss.


Weli Travel offers Luxurious ground and Air transportation for its clients to ensure coziness or pleasant travel.

Our staff

An array of qualified staff from a number of fields with a rounded skillset and experience in the travel industry awaits you. On addition to the hospitable staff, we have the IATA trained personnel who will give you professional advice about your itinerary. The customer is assured of a reply on his/her inquiry after one working hour. At Weli travel we have undisputed networks that enable us deliver and exceed the customer’s expectations. Our expeditions are not about the terminus, we offer an assessment of the sacred land, people and antiquity of the region hence a life-changing journey.

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