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Sheikh Muhammad Abduweli

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  • He founded Weli Travel in order to align the Hajj and Umrah travel in Uganda.
  • He is a scholar and has 10 years in Management experience. He is fond of reading and researching about what he knows and doesn’t know. His urge for disseminating information to the youth makes him a good fit for inspiring the young generation.

Mr Abdullahi Abduweli Abdalla

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  • He leads a team of smart, self driven creative who care a lot on getting work done. His management style is based on a combination of technical skills, and creative intuition he acquired while working in Travel business.
  • He has moved places hence giving him leverage of taking care for our clients in terms of convenience and coziness during their expeditions. He is a kind who loves to exceed customer satisfaction! That is only his hobby.

Sheikh Didat Mahad Kakooza

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  • He has a natural instinct for management and a passion for leading staff. His meticulous attention to detail and tenacity for building more efficient internal processes plays a major role in enabling our creative team to stay completely focused on delivering the best possible solutions for our clients without getting distracted by any means.
  • He emphasizes team work, professionalism and integrity during all processes done towards exceeding the customer expectations. He is also a scholar and likes reading a lot.

Miss Nakyanzi Sarah

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  • She is fond of figures! Her love for putting accounts in line with modern accounting principles drives her day in and out. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has six years of experience in accounting circles. Her hobby is pressing the calculator and balancing books!

Mr Abdulrazak Albash

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  • He is a maniac of counting hence no shilling goes unnoticed. He is always looking at cash books, requisitions and overlooking all the expenditures in the company. He is fond of playing football and travelling.

Mr Ssebugenyi Adam Kagimu

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  • Adam has a deep rooted love for marketing and personal selling. His years of experience in negotiations, marketing communication and closing sales is what leads him to Weli Travel. His versatility, honesty, and humor can be seen in every project he gets his hands on and makes him an invaluable member of the Weli Travel team.
  • He likes travelling and mountaineering.

Mr. Kato Emmanuel

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  • You want to travel, Emma is just here to advise! He is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and giving clients pocket friendly tour advice is his favorite. He is also in charge of ticketing and also loves it the best when his clients are all on board.

Miss Nabasumba Mastullah

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  • Travelling, and you are not sure of your schedule, Mastullah is your answer. She fixes all the itineraries and places them in order to meet customer expectations. She loves travelling though being home sick.

Mr. Asad Kiggundu

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  • He is in charge of linking the company to the Embassy. He carries out all the necessary documentation on behalf of the client hence giving them time to plan for their life changing journey. He picks and delivers the passports to the embassy for visa processing. He likes swimming and making friends.

Mr. Senteza Shafic

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  • He is a 2D and 3D animator. He brings his versatile skillset, his passion for producing memorable content, and a relentless attention to detail to the team here. He loves the keyboard so much and a maniac for CS6. He loves making short videos, animations, voicing and scripting ads. He loves reading.