HAJJ 2019

Departure Date

Every Monday




Day 1

26th Dhu Al Qadah

Departure from Entebbe to Jeddah. Transfer to the hotel and allocation of accommodation. The next four days will be spent at Masjid Haram Mecca for prayers
Day 2

1st Dhu Al Hajjah

After wearing Ihram clothing for “Umrah-Tamattu” , our guide will take you to Al Haram Mosque (Ka’ba) to perform “Umrah-Tamattu”.
Day 3

8th Dhu Al Hajjah

Leave for Mina to start “HAJJ” rituals. The departures of the Hujjaj to Mina are allocated by the Saudi government, starting from the 7th of Dhul Hajjah all the way up to 9th Dhul Hajjah direct to Arafat. Clearly over 2 million people cannot move all at one time.
Day 4

9th Dhu Al Hajjah

Depart for Arafat. In the evening you will leave for Mozdalifah (Masha’r AI-Haram). On arrival after observing prayers you will collect stones for throwing them at the Jamaraat (Satans).
Day 5

10th Dhu Al Hajjah

In the morning you will leave for Mina to stone The Jamarah (Satan) and offer Qurbani followed by shaving or shortening your hair. The next day you will stone the Jamaraat (Satans) and may wish to return to Makkah Mokarramah to continue the other HAJJ rituals. The night will be spent in Mina.
Day 6

12th Dhu Al Hajjah

After throwing stones at Jamaraat (Satans), you will leave for Makkah Mokarramah. The “HAJJ” has now finished. The next days will be spent in Medina.
Day 7

13th Dhu Al Hajjah

The next two days will be spent in Medina Monawwarah for prayers at the Masjid Al-Nabawi [Mosque of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)], visits to Baghi Cemetery. There will also be a half day Tour of Madinah Monawwarah including ziyarah of the Shrine of Hamzah at Uhod and prayers at Qiblatain and Quba Mosques.
Day 8

15th Dhu Al Hajjah

Our pilgrims will leave for Madinah airport to fly to Uganda

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