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Your Path to Umrah Serenity

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Weli Travel, Uganda’s leading Hajj and Umrah agency, offers tailored packages to make your pilgrimage exceptional

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We strive to simplify all types of visa applications and acquisition process, ensuring minimal effort on your part for a comfortable and well-organized trip..

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At Weli Travels, we are dedicated to serving as your comprehensive travel solution. As an IATA-certified agency.

Why welitravel?

Why Choose Weli Travel?

Choose Weli Travel for heartfelt connections and peace of mind. Our Customer Care team ensures a seamless and satisfying travel experience, turning moments into lasting memories. From planning to returning home, we craft every detail with passion, making your journey a celebration of the extraordinary and your ultimate comfort.

From dreaming of your destination to returning home, we passionately attend to every detail, crafting a tapestry of beautiful moments. With Weli Travel, your journey is not just a passage; it’s a celebration of the extraordinary, marked by genuine connection and your ultimate comfort


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Embarking Your Sacred Umrah Venture.

Flying & Send 1000+ Pilgrims to Mecca

Harmony in Pilgrimage, Your Ultimate Umrah Experience Awaits! - Secure Your Seat Now!

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Discover our customized Hajj and Umrah packages, designed to perfectly align with your individual needs and preferences.


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We handle all the paperwork and processing for your Umrah Visa, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


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 Enjoy seamless travel arrangements and comfortable accommodations, allowing you to focus on your spiritual journey.



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Manasik of Hajj (Hajj Rituals)

Manasik of Hajj (Hajj Rituals)

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Umrah Journey

Umrah Journey

The journey of Umrah is a sacred odyssey, a spiritual…


Frequently Asked Question About Our Programs

The main difference between Umrah and Hajj is that Hajj is an obligatory pilgrimage for Muslims that must be performed during a specific time in the Islamic lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah, while Umrah is a voluntary pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year

  • One recent passport size color photograph (white background)..
  • Proof of vaccination.(Yellow Fever. Meningitis. COVID 19 and Influenza)
  • Scanned Passport (JPEG format)

Before departing for Umrah or Hajj, pilgrims should prepare by ensuring they have all necessary documents, appropriate attire, essential supplies, and a good understanding of the rituals and procedures involved


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Weli Travel, Uganda’s leading Hajj and Umrah travel agency, offers diverse, tailored packages to ensure your pilgrimage is extraordinary. We provide Umrah Visas and comprehensive travel solutions, making every detail seamless. Trust Weli Travel to create beautiful, unforgettable journeys for you.

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